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UNESCO Internet Study

Dr. Pavan Duggal, President, Cyber Law Asia spoke about privacy and ethics and explore UNESCO’s options for future actions on this cross cutting aspect.


APCF would coordinate with Cyber law Asia, being Asia’s premier membership based Cyber law body, in spreading more awareness about different facets of Cyber law.

3. EWI Cyber Security Experts

Pavan Duggal, founder and president of Cyber law Asia, Co-Chair of EWI Cyber Crime Legal Working Group.

4. Data After Death

Cyber Law Asia President Pavan Duggal, who has helped people make digital wills, says, “Normally, people who have digital assets or confidential digital information are those who go for this option.”

But the numbers are few as there is little awareness about it as well as a lack of adequate laws. “We do not have in place any law in India pertaining to digital legacies,” explains Duggal. “There is the Information Technology Act, 2000, which is applicable to all digital information, data and assets. However, its applicability is excluded to testamentary, disposition and wills.”

5. Legal Issues Relating to Outsourcing in India

A large number of legal issues confront the Indian Outsourcing Industry.Outsourcing supported by a robust legal regime that stands for the protection and preservation of data and information .